cropped-tecchler-header-21.pngMy cello was made in Rome in 1714 by David Tecchler. 300 years on, I decided to mark this special anniversary by commissioning 3 new works as gifts for the cello by celebrated British composers David Matthews, Mark Simpson and Charlotte Bray. I asked them to think of the role of the cello in the last 3 centuries and to let their imagination run wild, which they certainly have!

I began to ask myself lots of questions – How did David Tecchler end up settling in Rome, who was he making cellos for, and how did this cello come into my hands? What is my journey and role as a cellist in the 21st century?

I also began to dream of the idea of taking the cello back home all these years later and getting to the root of some of these questions. Thanks to the support of a wonderful team, I’m now looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey and I hope you enjoy the various blogs and musical offerings captured along the way.GuyJohnstonTecchler